What can Reiki do for you? 

Reiki (pronounced Ray Kee) is a safe, gentle non-intrusive healing technique which uses spiritual energy to treat physical ailments without using pressure, manipulation or massage. It is a holistic system for balancing, healing and harmonising all aspects of the human body, mind, emotions and spirit.

Reiki and Healing with Annemarie
Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Master           

Promotes pain relief
Strengthens Immune System
Promotes deep relaxation
Increases rate of recovery from injury
Energises and balances the whole body  

Annemarie is also trained in:    

African Reflexology MNRRI              
Charka Balancing and healing                                                Emotional Freedom Technique     
Emotional Homeopathy                   
Indian Head Massage                            
Angel Card Reading                          
Hand & Toddler Reflexology

Reflexology bed and towels  ready for your visit!

Reflexology is a 4000+ year old method of natural health care and African Reflexology is an even gentler, effective, kind and spiritual method of delivering Reflexology. Our feet transport our body, mind and souls from one experience to the other during our lifetimes and the soles of your feet mirror the parts of your body. For instance, did you know that your toes represent your head and neck and your heel represents your pelvic area and sciatic nerve? The sole of your foot is divided into zones which represent the different parts of your body and it carries a host of impressions of life events that have left their mark on our soul as well as our soles. It is possible through the knowledge of reflexology to see what the soles of your feet can tell us.

Healing does not mean the damage never existed, it means the damage no longer controls our lives